Thursday, February 3, 2011

I guess it [was] Christmas?

This was the illustration I did for our Christmas card this year. Acrylic and tempera paints with colored pencil detail, on watercolor paper. A different style than last year's pen and ink , but I'm amazed I sent anything out this year, with our mid-winter move and everything. We've had no break from the chaos since we've moved... HENCE, the reason for this Christmas-themed post coming nearly 7 weeks overdue.

As far as art goes, lately I've just been doing doodles or working on volunteer-related projects for church and Vasi's school. Oh, and of course drawing with Vasi, who has been coloring and drawing NONSTOP since she received her own set of markers for Christmas. Not that she didn't have a bajillion markers before... *shrug*

Boy does she love to draw. It's nice to "bond" with her over a fairy coloring book and a rainbow of Faber Castel felt-tip pens. Looks like we have a little artist on our hands!