Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pascha Greeting #2

Truly He is Risen!

With all of the art supplies I've collected over the years, it seems that pen and ink hold a special place in my heart. The thick, luxurious lines of ink, the drama, the contrast.

Time to invest in some new nib sizes... the skinnier, the better! A little variation in line detail will be nice.

Oh, and Happy Pascha!

Paschal Greetings

I had the luxury of spending Holy Saturday preparing for the great Feast of Pascha (Easter). Once the food was prepped and the house was straightened up, I sat down and worked on some greeting card illustrations. Some uninterrupted, meditative time with my pen and my inkwell... making something special to share with others... completing a project from start to finish in one day and with time to spare... Seriously, what more could I ask for in a quiet day of rest? Big thanks to my hubby for taking the kids, and to my kids for napping most of the time, anyway :)