Sunday, October 18, 2009


4.5" x 6"
watercolor and pencil
October 2009


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Final illustration sketch/ submission. I tried to convey the mystery of angels, and what it might be like to be swept up by one.

This painting was completed on a 15"x20" watercolor sheet. Which sort of stinks if you have a scanner with a much smaller surface. Hence, the photo above is a bit askew. Grr.

It was a fun challenge; I'm pleased with the fullness and the color! everywhere!

I might put this in my etsy shop, in case anyone would like to make a home for it in a frame.

More sketches

More sketches from the submission I mentioned in the previous post. I was pleased with this, for the most part.. though more time and planning probably would have helped. It seems I sort of thrive off of sponteniety... which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't "work" in my final sketches/ illustrations.

tilted tree

Here is a recent illustration submission sketch. I wish I had worked harder on making the tree "up right." I have a feeling that my work lacks a certain professional touch... Too wonky, too rough. I'll keep working on it-- onward!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Senior Thesis Part 6, Heather

acrylic on canvas
Senior Thesis 2005

Senior Thesis part 5, Christy

acrylic on canvas
Senior Thesis, 2005

Senior Thesis part 4, Fr. Seraphim Rose

Fr. Seraphim Rose
acrylic on canvas
Senior Thesis 2005

Senior Thesis Part 3, Sisters

acrylic on canvas
Senior Thesis, 2005

Senior Thesis part 2

Petra and Pascale
acrylic on canvas
senior thesis, 2005

Senior Thesis part 1, self-portrait

acrylic on canvas
Senior Thesis

Monday, September 7, 2009

A look at 2006...

(watercolor, pen and ink, pencil, marker)

This is an illustration submission I did back in January 2006 for an Orthodox book publisher. It was my first experience submitting work for a children's book! Just seven months after graduating from college with my art degree (and working in retail, thankyouverymuch) I realized that a career in art required lots of initiative, networking and "putting myself out there."

This was my first official submission for a children's book. Now I look back and I see things I'd change... I learned a lot of "dos" and "don't" about what I wanted my style to be like. Heck, I'm STILL learning :) But it was a good exercise in motivation, taking a stab, making baby steps (hopefully, prayerfully) in the right direction.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I don't really "do" logos. I am a fairly low-tech kind of girl... just give me my paints, and I'll be just dandy. Somehow, that doesn't stop people from asking me "So... could you do a logo for me?" In reply, I usually hem and haw and am far too prideful to say "No, wrong person." Instead I sort of start gesticulate and pontificate and "...uh... well, um... I'm not really... uh... I mean I COULD try-- SURE!"

I know that Illustrator and Photoshop skills are really important, and one day in the not-too-far future, I'd really like to acquire these skills to better round out my abilities. Meanwhile, though, I'll keep sketching ideas...

Above are some sketches I did for the fundraising committee at my church.

"All Saints Eve" advertisement for church bulletin (Pen and ink)

Wow! I guess I did this 2...3 years ago? I'm definitely not a graphic artist, but once in a while someone asks me to do something "logo"-ish... and once in an even rarer while... I'm actually pleased with something I did! It's probably way too illustration-ish to qualify as a logo, but it's as close as I get. :) SO... if you're interested in a logo, let me know-- I have a lot of talented graphic designer friends I can defer you to. hehehe.

Sailboats and happy news!

Watercolor and pencil with digital image and text.
Watercolor and ink, scanned with digital photo and text added.

What a cutie! I drew up several different baby announcements, and this was the "final" pick of the proud, new parents. Another fun-filled custom job. Did I mention I love custom work? :) I do!!!
"Yianni" (2007)

This was a Christmas gift that my friend commissioned for her husband. How I loved painting it! I LOVE commissions... I love looking at photographs, studying faces and pondering the subject matter... I love to see people's reactions (vain, I know...) to their commissions. I always, always, ALWAYS work hard and doing it right, and making sure folks are 100% pleased (ecstatic?) with the results.

St. Lucia

(pencil, marker, ink)

(Watercolor, pencil, markers, ink)
(ink, pencil)

Illustration submissions for a children's book. I thoroughly enjoyed researching this festive Swedish holiday and creating these works. Now what? I'm considering making some greetings cards for Christmas and posting them in my etsy shop in time for the Advent season.

Spanish breakfast

Colored markers and ink with some Paintbrush touches

I drew this in 2008 for my sister's bachelorette party invitation. I was disappointed that no one showed up in a polyester polazzo slacks/ vest set.


"Jello" 2008
Mixed media (colored markers, ink, with "paintbrush" digital background)

Watercolor and ink
Printed on cardstock, cut into 4"x5.5" cards.

Sunday, September 6, 2009