Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tilted tree

Here is a recent illustration submission sketch. I wish I had worked harder on making the tree "up right." I have a feeling that my work lacks a certain professional touch... Too wonky, too rough. I'll keep working on it-- onward!


  1. Katie, you are too hard on yourself. Seriously, this illustration, as well as the boy on the dock, have soul, spirit. I want to know his story...ykwim. Rough, eh. Maybe, but in a good way...he doesn't live in a 'neat and tidy' place. If we were together looking at them, I would have a few pointers. Remind me sometime...k? Love ya-Aunt Helen

  2. This one makes me feel that the wall, boy and tree are at the top of a hill.....that's why the wind has bent the tree. And, WHAT is over the other side? The ocean? A village? Very tempting to sneak over and look!

  3. I agree - what tree isnt wonky? the picture draws you in - makes you want to see what the boy is looking at.